Writing Resources

Common Core Samples of Student Writing: http://educationnorthwest.org/webfm_send/1271
All writing samples are labled by type of writing and span across many different topics.

Math Journaling Prompts: http://futureofmath.misterteacher.com/Writing%20Prompts.pdf
Idea: Keep a math journal along with a portfolio of student work. Have students explain pieces of their portfolio.

RAFT Writing Prompts for Math: http://www.writingfix.com/WAC/Writing_Across_Curriculum_RAFTS_Math.htm
Gives the users real-time writing prompts that help to connect math skills to the real world.

Using writing in Mathematics: http://www2.ups.edu/community/tofu/lev2/journaling/writemath.htm
Ideas about how to include writing in a math class.

Sample WASL Math Questions: http://www.pasd.wednet.edu/school/mathWASL/
Organized by grade level and topic.

For any subject:
* Real World Connections – Have students think critically about what type of career would require the use of the skills taught (algebra, typing, art analysis, disection, etc.) and have them explain a real-world application of the skill.

* Journaling – Have students discuss how they arrived at an explanation, why they feel they are correct (or incorrect) and have them self-assess their progress through writing.

* Creative Writing – Have students create a non-standard example of using the skill; as long as they can justify the connection it is “correct.” For exmaple, you can use geometry to determine the angle that a frog’s tongue reaches to grab a fly. Students would have to explain what formula they are using, why, and how it would work. They may also have to determine how to get the angle using technology.