Websites for Teachers


This section will be updated regularly as I learn of new resources.Please feel free to contact me with any you feel should be added and please bear with me as this is slowly filled in!

The following were voted the 25 Best Websites for Teaching and Learning for 2012:

Media Sharing:

Projeqt describes itself as “dynamic presentations for a real time world.” Use it to create linear and stacked slide presentations for any type of event. Embed images, text, documents, or add data from your favorite social media tools.

Gamestar Mechanic
Gamestar Mechanic is an interactive site that leads users through the game design experience. This site teaches the principals of game design and systems thinking in a highly engaging environment that allows users to share games with other community members. Tip: Use as part of a STEM initiative, Gamestar Mechanic has a teacher’s page with useful lesson plans.

Do more than watch a video: discuss, question, and comment. Vialogues puts the “think and do” into video watching. Vialogues allows you to post a video and then invite participants to answer questions, discuss or just comment. This asynchronous tool can be used for private or public interactions. Tip: This is a great tool for flipping the classroom!

Popplet delivers an interactive way to create concept maps, mind maps, and options to brainstorm or storyboard right along with peers. The “popplets” can be constructed, moved, color coded, typed in, drawn in, and have images or videos inserted. Popplet is a nice addition to the teacher toolbox that can meet a variety of needs, including concept mapping, collaboration, and even presenting content. TIP: Have students make a genre presentation by taking a series of books and working collaboratively to make various connections to booktrailers, images, and more.

Tell stories with graphics, text, and audio with this visually compelling application on desktops, iPads and iPhones. Network socially without sidebars, ads, or logos in this online environment that focuses on the content you create with photos, video, and slideshows.

Digital Story Telling:

Comic Master
Comicmaster is a free, easy to use tool for creating short graphic novels. While the backgrounds and characters are somewhat limited, it’s possible to make and print comics at this site without creating an account. The site also has an educational resources page with lesson plans and ideas for using comics in the classroom. Tip: Have students create or write graphic novels to share amongst their peers in the library.

My Storymaker
What story do you wish to tell? The Ghost Who Made Friends with the Genie or how about The Fox Who Wanted a Cupcake? My Storymaker is the perfect storytelling environment for confident and reluctant writers to tell these stories and hundreds more. As you control a character’s actions, emotions, and interactions, the program writes the story. Tip: Use with kids who feel unsuccessful and frustrated during creative writing activities.

Inanimate Alice
This interactive digital graphic novel is set in the early years of the 21st century. It tells the story of Alice through text, sound, games, and music. The story is wonderful and the design in fabulous, readers will love it. Students will enjoy this story in five parts, librarians and teachers will like the education pack as well. Tip: Use with a digital projector for group reading activities.

Manage and Organize:

Just what every teacher needs, a quick and simple cool tool! Quicklyst does more than let student take notes or make lists. Students can organize, save and search their notes with just a username and password. Registration is not needed. This easy to use site connects to Wikipedia and Merriam Webster. Download, print or send notes to a Kindle. Tip: Have students use the organization capabilities as a pre-writing tool before they create their research projects.

SpiderScribe is the visual learner’s ideal tool. Collect a series of files including documents, pictures, maps and more, and create a concept map based on the collection. Lay them out for optimal visualization. Share them. Even collaborate to build them. Be it text, images, files, or events.

Remember the Milk
This site is a powerful, user-friendly tool for creating to-do lists and task management. The full-featured mobile version allows you to manage your lists and tasks anytime. Reminder methods let you receive notices of upcoming tasks via email, SMS, and instant messenger. To-do lists and tasks can also be shared with others who use the site. Tip: Use the site to work with others on a collaborative project to organize everyone’s tasks and to help the group meet deadlines.

Social Netowrking and Communication:

This web site supports the use of cell phones in the classroom by providing a controlled, secure environment for users. Students join teacher-created “cells” where phone numbers are kept private. Teachers can moderate all comments to make sure they are on-topic and appropriate for the group. Tip: After students text comments about a reading assignment, teachers can review the comments and display them using a projection device at the beginning of class the next day to stimulate discussion. This can also be used for taking polls live in the classroom.

Collaborize Classroom
Collaborize Classroom is an online education platform allowing students and teachers to participate in a collaborative learning environment. It is designed to extend classroom instruction by engaging students in online activities, assignments, and discussion.Tip: Search the Library by subject or grade level to download peer-reviewed topic-based lessons shared by teachers from all around the world.

Edmodo is a secure social learning network for teachers and students. Edmodo gives libraries and classrooms a safe and easy place online to connect and collaborate, offering a location to share ideas and content, as well as access homework, grades and school notices. Tip: Not ready to build your own website? Edmodo is the perfect virtual classroom environment that lets you control content and discussion without having to learn how to maintain a website!

Department-Specific Sites



Teaching Books (add multimedia into literature lessons):



Virtual frog dissection:

Social Studies

Educators can “find and create learning activities with primary source documents that promote historical thinking skills.” Use the more than 3000 original documents from the National Archives to create rich, online learning experiences for students.Tip: Use the interactive learning activity tools to help students “think like historians.”

Over 1,000 online video testimonies of Holocaust survivors and other witnesses are housed in this website maintained by the University of Southern California’s Shoah Foundation Institute, established in 1994 by Steven Spielberg. Students can be involved with the videos, teachers will enjoy the educational materials. Tip: Link videos for social studies and language arts classes.


Staff Resources (anything that may help you to help your students!)

New York Public Library Resources:

Digital Public Library:
This is new and is the first public library that is completely digital! You can find all kinds of wonderful supplemental material for your classes here!

Excellent site for streaming video and resources:

Digital Media on various topics:

ARKive gathers together films, photographs, and audio recordings of the world’s species to establish a comprehensive multimedia digital collection of profiles of species either rare or threatened with extinction. Tip: Incorporate these materials into lesson plans, presentations, work sheets, projects in hard copy or digitally to engage students in key science and biology topics, or use as creative inspiration for art and design projects.

Learn it in 5
Learn It in 5 is for professionals, students, and parents who want to increase their Web 2.0 skills. A series of videos, all 5 minutes or less, guide users through lessons of their choice. Users can search for specific topics or browse to discover new techniques. Tip: Don’t have a ton of time to keep up? Use this site to teach yourself a few Web 2.0 tools and share it with students so that they have a basic introduction.

Disney’s Lincoln Resource Guide
An online guide to Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln.