Hall – Serial Killers

Table of Contents:

Guide to Research
Presenters/Oral Reports

Guide to Research:


  • 1 three-page research paper is to be handed-in or emailed to dhall@ecsdm.org.
    • Please note:  “Research Paper” means that there are references within the work as well as a works cited.  This also means that the font, its size, and the margins are all MLA or APA format.
    • Further Note: This is a works cited not a bibliography, which means that everything written on the works cited page is referenced in your work.  This also means that no general encyclopedias are allowed as sources (specific encyclopedias are allowed).
  • A three-page report requires 3-4 sources. (*****)
  • There must be an appendix, which will require additional pages to the overall report.  This appendix should include whenever applicable and not limited to: Photos (perpetrator, crime scene, site, victims, etc.), literary (diary, poetry, song, etc.), miscellaneous.


  • This project is worth 200 points.  85 points is for the paper, 85 points is for the presentation and 30 points is for the ‘Visual Aid.’
      The MAXIMUM grade of an unreferenced paper is a 63, which calculates to a 53/85 (that is the max grade for A+ writing which is probably not the case with unreferenced work).
    • The works cited page must be a properly formatted alpha list. citationmachine.net


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Presentations / Oral Reports:

Keys to Proper Execution

 1. Organization

Students present information in a logical, interestingg sequence that the audience can follow.

 2. Subject Knowledge

Students demonstrate full knowledge (more than the minimum requirement) by answering all class questions with explanation and elaboration

 3. Graphics

Student’s graphics depict and explain a greater understanding and reinforce the text and verbiage of the presentation.

 4. Mechanics

The overall presentation has good grammar, and no noticeable flaws / errors.

 5. Eye Contact

Students conducting the presentation shall maintain good eye contact with the audience and seldom refer to notes, showing a higher level of understanding.

 6. Elocution

Students shall use a clear projected voice and correct pronunciation of terminology that the audience members can hear throughout the entire auditorium.

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As the official representative of your group it is your job to offer the evidence of the group in the best possible manner, the most appropriate light.  Therefore, it falls upon you to dress in a manner accordingly; 5 points will be deducted from your presentation grade for the following:

1. Sneakers or any other inappropriate footwear

2. Jeans or torn/tattered pants

3. Un-tucked and un-collared shirts

4. The wearing of book-bags

5. The wearing of sweats; which includes pajamas, hoodies, spandex, T-shirts, etc.

6. According to Emily Post… the bearing of midriffs and low cut shirts are inappropriate.

7. Adornments: piercings or hairstyles that alarm and offend societal norms.

Also, one of the major problems that many people are plagued with as they begin to speak in public is the overall rate at which they speak and clarity of their words.  Be mindful of how fast you talk and be sure to annunciate clearly and correctly.  This goes for the people the “Ax” me things, and especially those who address the common man or women in ‘street’ vernacular!

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Suggested Websites:

  1. FBI Behavioral Science Unit
  2. FBI Profiler
  3. VICAP – Violent Crime Apprehension Program
  4. CPRP – Criminal Personality Research Project
  5. National Institute of Justice
  6. Center for Analysis of Violent Crime
  7. Neuropsychology
  8. NIMH – National Institute of Mental Health

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