Welcome to Middletown High School’s Library Media Center!

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LMC Staff:
Mrs. Fox, School Library Media Specialist
Mrs. Knebel, Library T.A.

LMC Hours
The LMC is open Monday through Friday from 7:25 a.m.-3:20 p.m.

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Our Mission:
The mission of the Library Media Center at Middletown High School is to support the entire school community including students, staff, and parents in maintaining a commitment to educational excellence. The LMC staff deliver services to support and encourage students to become lifelong learners.  The LMC program provides access to materials and resources on curriculum subjects and personal interests in a variety of formats in order to assist students in becoming active, independent locators, evaluators, and users of information in an information-driven society. The Middletown High School LMC encourages creative and intellectual thinking practices in all patrons.

Policies and Procedures

Welcome to the library! There are two ways you may use the library – with your classes when your teachers schedule specific library time or during free periods (lunch and study hall). Anytime you are in the library, please follow the library rules.

Book and Material Borrowing Policies

You may borrow items for a period of 2 weeks. You may renew your items if you still need them on the day that they are due.

iPads may be borrowed for 1 period at a time but may not leave the library.

Games may be borrowed for 1 period at a time but may not leave the library.

General Procedures:

  • All school rules apply in the library, including use of phones, electronics, and hats.
  • To visit the LMC, students should report directly to the LMC during their study hall period. Students visiting from lunch should report to the LMC, get a return pass, and the return to the LMC for the period. All students must report in on the LMC sign-in sheet. Students who are late will not be admitted.
  • Please keep food and drinks out of the LMC, including gum and water. (These items can damage resources.)
  • Cell phones, ipods, and other personal electronics should be turned off while in the LMC. After school, students may use headphones but must go outside in the hallway to use cell phones.
  • Keep noise level to a low rumble. Please enter the library respectfully as other students are working. The maximum number of students allowed at a table is 3.
  • If you can’t find what you need or if something doesn’t work, please ask us for help! We can fix most of the problems you may have. Please do not remove any printer or computer parts (including a mouse) or try to fix anything on your own.
  • Computers and printers are for school-related activities. You may print school-related items by selecting one of the LMC printers in the print menu.
  • If a class is in the library, they have priority for computer use. We will do our best to accommodate everyone. Please be respectful of the class’ need to work and their teacher’s need to give instructions.
  • Please remain in your seat until the bell rings. All students are dismissed at the end of the period.
  • Rude or disruptive behavior and foul language are not permitted; you will be asked to return to your class and the appropriate actions will be taken.

Please note: Repeatedly misusing library resources, breaking rules, or being disrespectful can result in a loss of library privileges.

Visiting the Library from Lunch:

If you come in from lunch, you must follow all library rules, including reporting to the LMC on time.

You will get a return pass from the library staff so that you may go to the cafeteria. Once you return to the library you may not return to the cafeteria.

Using Computers: 

  • If a class is visiting the library, it has priority for computer use.
  • All students should follow district-wide computer rules, which were handed out at the beginning of the year in the student handbook. Computers may only be used for school-related activities.
  • You may print what you are working on in the library by selecting one of the library printers. If you printed but it does not appear, please see the library staff so that we may assist you.
  • Use the technology properly. If something does not appear to be working, please ask the library staff for help.